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WCF Pedigree

Regardless of the class, each kitten of our cattery have a WCF pedigree issued by the club

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Genetic tests

All our cats and Maine Coon cats are tested for carrying genetic diseases

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We participate in Cts Show

Our cats participate in cats show of various felinological systems and have titles

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Meet our Maine coons

Born: 29.10.2020

Color: f24 black tortie spotted

Born: 28/10/2020

Color: n 22 Black tabby blotched

Born: 09.12.2020

Color: f23 balck tortie tiger

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Myths about Maine Coons

Maine Coons weigh 20-30 kg.

The average weight of the male cats in the breed is 6-8 kg, individuals weighing 10-12 kg are considered very large. In the Maine Coon breed, sexual demorphism is pronounced, this is when male cats are significantly larger than female cats.

Maine Coons are very aggressive.

From the very beginning of the breed's development, sociability and friendliness towards humans were cultivated in Maine Coons. Any aggression of the Maine Coon towards a person is a reason to exclude such an animal from breeding.

Maine Coons have health problems.

Serious breeders pay the closest attention to the health of their producers. Testing for the carrier of genetic diseases is a guarantee of healthy and strong offspring.

All myths about Maine Coons

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have a Maine Coon if there are small children in the family.

Maine Coons are surprisingly good-natured and sociable cats. They are friendly to everyone - cats and dogs, sometimes rodents and birds. And of course, to a human. Many Maine Coons are fond of small children, they can walk behind them with a tail, as if protecting the child.

What documents do you give together with the Maine Coon kitten?

The main document confirming that you are buying a real Maine Coon is a pedigree issued by the club of one of the feline systems. Each kitten from our cattery has an international veterinary certificate (veterinary passport). It notes what vaccines the kitten was vaccinated with, what was treated for parasites, its name, gender, age, color and owner's data. Upon request, the kitten can be tested for the carrier of hereditary diseases or viral and other infections.

Kittens breed and pet - what does this mean?

Many of you have seen that this or that kitten can be sold as a pet or in a breed. But many of you don't know what that means. Pet (Pet) and Breed (Breed) are classes of kittens, if you want, the level of their quality. Each of the cat breeds has its own standard-a set of characteristics that describe a particular breed.

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