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Генетический калькулятор окрасов ответит на вопрос, какие могут родиться котята, если известны окрасы их родителей.

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The Maine Coon is America's native longhaired cat. The breed, with its essentially amiable disposition, developed through a natural selection process where only the fittest survived. It should always be remembered that the Maine Coon developed basically as a "working cat" able to fend for itself in rough, woody terrain and under extreme climatic conditions. The Maine Coon is a large breed with big ears, broad chest, substantial boning, a long, hardmuscled, rectangular body and a long, flowing tail, and large feet with tufts

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The large to very large cat has a muscular, elongated and broad body.

It gives an overall rectangular impression. The muscular neck is of medium length, the rib cage is broad.

The medium long legs are solid and muscular. The paws are large, round and tufted.

The tail is long and shall reach at least to the shoulders. It is broad at the base, tapering and with flowing furnishing.

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Potential buyers of our Maine Coon kittens very often ask us the same questions.

We decided to answer the most common of them. We will gradually add and update this information.

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We, breeders, have to listen to a lot of myths related to Maine coons very often.

Let's talk about the most common ones and dispel them.

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WCF Pedigree

Regardless of the class, each kitten of our cattery have a WCF pedigree issued by the club

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Genetic tests

All our cats and Maine Coon cats are tested for carrying genetic diseases

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We participate in Cts Show

Our cats participate in cats show of various felinological systems and have titles

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