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Born: 04.03.2021

Color: ns 09 чёрный дымный с белым

Sir: Wildbeautycoons Onella n09

Dame: Legendarium Tamerlan ns

genetic tests:

HCM SMA, PKdef - N/N

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The Bublick appeared to me thanks to Tatiana Wildbeauty cattery. I wanted just such a powerful cat (in his 4 months, he weighed 4.5 kg). Heavy body, wide, excellent smoke quality, charismatic, affectionate boy, loves me and my hands very much. A huge box and all this is my incredible Bublick.

Born: 10.11.2020

Color: ns 22 09 Black silver blotche tabby with white

Genetic tests:

HCM SMA, PKdef - N/N

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Iceberg (we call him Zefir) came to us from the Cattery Demon Select. I really wanted these lines, and I was very lucky, many thanks to Dina for her trust! Zephyrka is a very charismatic boy, with an excellent profile, huge brushes. It has a long body, high paws, a beautiful silver color with white paws). The character is wonderful. Affectionate, hooligan, curious boy.

Born: 14.07.2020

Окрас: n22 Black tabby blotched

Dame:World King*RU Jeanne MCO fs09

Sir: Ch. Life Fire*s Fraer MCO d24

Genetic tests:


SMA, PKdef - N/N

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Our Erofey (Coconut at home) is my first cat, he is my love. He has a beautiful head, with a long wide muzzle, a beautiful profile and an excellent set of ears, expressive eyes with wild look. The Coconut has a strong, heavy, broad backbone with a very long, well-pubescent tail. Chic quality wool with clear marble. Thank you to Elena (Life Fire) for such a man-cat!!!

WCF Pedigree

Regardless of the class, each kitten of our cattery have a WCF pedigree issued by the club

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Genetic tests

All our cats and Maine Coon cats are tested for carrying genetic diseases

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We participate in Cts Show

Our cats participate in cats show of various felinological systems and have titles

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